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Takara T 6112


Speaker: 100 Watts RMS

  • Karaoke function Yes

  • 12″ Speaker System.

  • Built-in USB MP3 Player.
  • Built-in UHF Microphone.
  • ECHO & VOL. Control.
  • Music Volume Control.
  • Microphone, Line, Input.
  • Built-in Rechargable Battery.
  • Installed Handel & Whell Easy to carry.
  • Bluetooth: Yes


Short Description

Speaker on Rent Takara T-6112 in Mumbai for House Party

  1. Display: The Takara T 6112 feature a display screen for showing information such as time, settings, or other relevant data.
  2. Radio Functionality: It might have a built-in radio tuner for listening to FM or AM radio stations.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity: It might support Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  4. USB and/or SD Card Slots: These slots could allow you to play music stored on USB flash drives or SD memory cards.
  5. Auxiliary Input: An auxiliary input jack would enable you to connect external audio devices such as MP3 players or smartphones.
  6. Remote Control: It may come with a remote control for convenient operation from a distance.


Please Note: These Prices are NOT Applicable on Public Holidays like 15th August, 31st December, etc. On Public Holidays Prices are different than Normal.

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