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Event with the Mackie SRT212 (1600W) Trolley Sound System Rental

Make Your Picnic Party Pop with the Mackie SRT 212 (1600W, 133dB) Rental


Looking to throw a memorable picnic party? The Mackie SRT 212, boasting a mighty 1600W output and 133dB max SPL, is your go-to sound system. This professional-grade speaker ensures your outdoor event is filled with powerful, clear sound that keeps everyone entertained.

High Power Output: With a peak power of 1600 watts, the Mackie SRT 212 delivers powerful, dynamic sound. Perfect for any music genre, this speaker ensures your tunes are heard loud and clear.

Exceptional Volume: Reaching up to 133dB, the SRT 212 provides ample volume to cover large outdoor areas. Ideal for big gatherings, it ensures everyone can enjoy the music.

Advanced Sound Technology: Featuring Advanced Impulse DSP and Sym-X Horn technology, the SRT 212 offers precise sound reproduction and wide coverage, making your music sound as good as it gets.

Robust and Reliable: Built for professional use, the SRT 212 is rugged and durable, designed to withstand the demands of outdoor events. You can rely on its performance, no matter the conditions.

Versatile Connectivity: The SRT 212 supports multiple input options, including XLR and TRS, and offers Bluetooth streaming. Whether you’re using a microphone, an instrument, or a smartphone, connecting your audio source is easy.

User-Friendly Controls: The integrated SRT Mix Control provides intuitive control over your audio settings, including EQ and presets. It’s easy to adjust the sound to fit your needs.