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Rent the Takara T 9090 (150W) Trolley Sound System

Rent Takara T 9090 (150W) Bluetooth Speaker


Are you ready to elevate your karaoke nights and turn your living room into a concert stage? Look no further than the Takara T 9090 (150W) Bluetooth Speaker, available for rent. With its powerful sound output, versatile connectivity options, and convenient portability, this speaker is the perfect companion for your next karaoke party.

Key Features of the Takara T 9090 (150W) Bluetooth Speaker:

Powerful Sound Output: The Takara T 9090 boasts a robust 150W power output, delivering crisp highs, rich mids, and deep bass, ensuring an immersive karaoke experience for you and your guests.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Say goodbye to tangled cables and connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly to the Takara T 9090 via Bluetooth. Stream your favorite karaoke tracks or playlists from your favorite music apps with ease.

Karaoke Mode: Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar with the Takara T 9090’s dedicated karaoke mode. Simply connect your microphone, adjust the echo and volume settings, and sing along to your favorite tunes with confidence.

Versatile Connectivity Options: In addition to Bluetooth, the Takara T 9090 offers various connectivity options, including AUX input, USB port, and TF card slot, giving you flexibility in connecting different devices and media sources.

Portable Design: Designed with portability in mind, the Takara T 9090 features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport from room to room or take with you on outdoor karaoke adventures.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Keep the music playing all night long with the Takara T 9090’s long-lasting battery life. Whether you’re hosting a karaoke marathon or a backyard barbecue, this speaker ensures uninterrupted entertainment.