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Event with the TECNO 12 (80W) Battery Backup Speaker Rental

Rent the Tecno 12 Speaker & Mic Combo for Your Home Party


Elevate your home party experience with our Tecno 12 (80W) speaker and microphone available for rent. Designed to deliver high-quality sound and clear vocals, this compact yet powerful audio setup is perfect for entertaining guests and creating a lively atmosphere in any home setting.

Features of the Tecno 12 Speaker and Mic Rental:

Powerful Sound Output: The Tecno 12 speaker boasts 80W of power, providing room-filling sound that enhances the ambiance of your home party and ensures everyone can enjoy the music.

Versatile Connectivity: Connect your devices wirelessly to the speaker via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with ease.

Built-In Microphone: The included microphone allows you to make announcements, host karaoke sessions, or lead sing-alongs, adding an interactive element to your home party and keeping guests engaged.

Portable Design: With its compact and lightweight design, the Tecno 12 speaker is easy to transport and set up anywhere in your home, whether it’s in the living room, backyard, or patio.

User-Friendly Controls: The Tecno 12 features intuitive controls for volume, bass, treble, and microphone levels, allowing you to customize the sound to your preferences and create the perfect party atmosphere.

Enhanced Entertainment: Enjoy high-quality sound and clear vocals that elevate the entertainment value of your home party and keep your guests entertained for hours.

Convenient Connectivity: Stream music wirelessly from your favorite devices, eliminating the need for messy cables and allowing you to control the playlist with ease.

Interactive Experience: With the included microphone, you can engage with your guests and create memorable moments through karaoke, announcements, or interactive games.

Easy Setup and Operation: The Tecno 12 speaker is easy to set up and operate, allowing you to focus on enjoying the party rather than dealing with complicated equipment.

Affordable Rental Rates: Our rental rates are budget-friendly, making it easy to access high-quality audio equipment for your home party without breaking the bank.